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Diver Arts is a collaboration between an 3D artist and a writer in order to design video games. At the moment we are working every day on our first game called Ezero.


Krom Bagelsky is a digital artist with a background in sculpture and muralism. He also has experience as an art teacher and art therapist. As an 8 year old kid, he used to secretly stay up to watch games like Myst and Schism being played on the late night show Myst. Ever since, he has been fascinated by games and the mysterious worlds they can create.

Gayle Maldiney is a writer and visual artist living in London. Not a traditional gamer, she is drawn to the medium because of its ability to create immersive worlds, and stories that need to be actively discovered. When not writing or drawing, her interests are plants, walking and drinking tea. She is inspired by popular science, folktales, and animation.

We make games which encourage and reward exploration, using visuals and story to create a strong psychological element.

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